Nagios not running properly


I am running Nagios 3.0.1 on CentOS 5.1 with NDOMOD 1.4b7. All of my processes appear to be running (they have pid’s) but the webpage, nagvis and my Firefox extension say that Nagios is not running. The log gives no errors or warnings–it says that it started successfully, connected to the data sink successfully, got a pid successfully, the event broker module initialized successfully, etc.

What is happening?

EDIT: The webpage and Firefox extension just came up, but my Nagvis is still reporting an error. Now, Nagios says that the SSH and MySQL connections are bad. SSH says the connection was refused, and MySQL says that it cannot connect through the socket. The log says that it had an error writing to the data sink.

When I looked at the mysqld service, it is running. I can access all of MySQL through WebMin AND via the GUI tools I downloaded from their website. Any Ideas?


i suggest you to check the user permissions once for database and nagiosadmin