Nagios not running


Hello everyone,
I recently migrated an installation of Nagios 2.9 from a slightly older Gentoo machine to a newer machine running Fedora 12. Initially I had some problems with configuration but yesterday I was able to fix all of that. Using the built in “pre-flight check” I was told that the configuration was fine and everything was ready to go. Using the init script to start the service was also terminating with an error telling me to check my configuration files, but now it says the service was started just fine. The problem is, Nagios isn’t being started. I’ve started it every way possible with no errors but there isn’t a Nagios process running at all. I can’t find any problems in the logs or anything so hopefully someone here could have a possible answer. If you’ve had this problem or have a suggestion, please let me know. Will post more info about configuration if needed, just tell me what to post. Thanks in advance.


start from the logs and see if there’s anything about why it’s terminating.

Why not update to the latest version (3.2.1)? there are only smaller configuration differences which can usually be solved within an hour…