Nagios Notification Email (Postfix Config)


I have Nagios up and running and would like it to send me email notification. I am using SUSE 11.1, Nagios 3.0.6, Bind is configured with company.tld as the domain. I put the network devices on the .tld domain so they are on there own network.

I was looking around trying to find a basic setup for postfix, like the basic setup for nagios, but have not seen anything. I have an exchange server, but would prefer to send email out threw the nagios box. I will be sending to the exchange server and gmail accounts. Will having my domain set to .tld effect the email sent?

Also what command line will send out a test email to see if it is working?


I found a site the has the basic configuration for post fix to send email. But the downfall of it is I still need to have a SMTP relay to forward the email out successfully. I wanted to send it from the Nagios box its self. I was sending the email out, and in the POSTFIX error log it was saying that the top level email server was rejecting the email. I think that it did not like the .tld domain. If I played with it more I probably could have had it send to my internal exchange server by allowing the domain, but I was allowing me to use the internal SMTP server to send the email.

I hope this like helps someone out. I might work up something when I get more time. I just wanted to get some info out to you guys. … 05309.html


If you have a local exchange server you should be able to get it to work without installing a complete postfix system.
As long as the sendmail command is available and you configure the exchange server to accept mail from your server… (possibly authorizing it by ip).
Postfix may also be installed to act as a local SMTP relay only, just don’t accept anything inbound from extarnal servers and have postfix relay to your exchange box.