Nagios on VMWare


Hello All,
I’m a second year college student in New Hampshire and an real novice to the world of Nagios. I’m doing a project to run a Nagios simulation on my computer. I am using VMWorkstation to run 3 virtual Ubuntu machines, one as the Nagios host and the other two as clients. I configured them all using the template provided and just changed a few fields, IP address, host name,ect and was able to see them all on the web console. I was going to run a few tests to see if I could get one computer to return warnings so I ran a script to run sleep 250 times so that the process service would return a warning but it returned a warning on all 3 machines not just the localhost I ran it on. I wasn’t sure if this was a problem because it was running on VMWare or because of something I configured, or perhaps something with using the templates.

Anybody have any advice or ideas asto what it might be? Thanks!


I presume that you have different host names and ip addresses for each of the hosts that you want to check,
If so then it should only alert for the one that has a problem


Exactly, each host is unique, with a unique host name and unique ip address, this is what has me confused.