Nagios on Vmware


I am using Nagios on Ubuntu 8.04 as a Vmware Guest. It works, but appears to have some weird networking issues. Has any one else had issues or know of issues with Nagios and the server it is on using DHCP, VMWare,Ubuntu 8.04, or a combination of these? At first I thought it was the network , but then realized that the Host machine was also being thought as down. This lead me to believe it is the virtual network. I have since switched the server to using a static IP and it seems good so far, but when I first set it up it worked for a week straight before exploding and sending me 1024 notifications.

Any insight, help, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


What is you host? Do you have any issues on slow clock on guest?


The clock is fine. The Host is Windows XP.

EDIT: I want to add that everythign else works fine. It just seems that the network loses all connectivity.