Nagios only sees localhost


Ok, I setup a new machine with version 2.9 and freebsd. I had another box that died that ran 2.7 on freebsd flawlessly. I used the nagios handbook to setup both machines and when I setup version 2.7 on the original box I took notes as I went along just in case I needed to do the intsall again. I’m confused because it only sees the local host. Another thing that was a bit puzzling is that some sample .cfg files were missing from the /usr/local/etc/nagios directory. Minimal.cfg, bigger.cfg, checkcommands.cfg and miscommands.cfg were al missing. Not sure maybe they weren’t created because of the different versions of nagios but I went ahead and created the minimal.cfg to configure my hosts, alerts, etc. For whatever reason it only sees the local host so I’m thinking it’s not reading that directory but it seems that it needs to since that’s where all the files are. I know whenever I make changes to the files in that directory that Nagios doesn’t run so once again I’m pretty sure that’s where the config files are supposed to be. Not sure what to do at this point so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


Figured it out, I created the minimal.cfg from scratch and had some syntax errors… I also modified the nagios.cfg file to solely use the file I created since I have a small environment, I have everything kept in a single file.