Nagios Plugin to watch half-life based game servers

I am interested in seeing if anyone out there has created a plugin for nagios that supports making sure my game server stays up and online. Something more than just pinging the ip address but actually sending a query every couple of seconds to make sure the server is still responding to queries. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated and I thank everyone who looks into this.

Do you have ssh access? If so, perhaps you could use check_by_ssh and have it look for the process running.
But I’ve never heard of a HL plugin for nagios. But since HL servers can be monitored, it shouldn’t take much to make one.

There is a qstat plugin that comes with the standard plugins, but I’ve never used it. My guess is, that it’s for quake servers.

hey guys appreciate the quick responses. These game servers are run on windows groans but i will take a look at the qstat plugin and see if i can reverse engineer it and maybe contribute a very much needed addon to the community :slight_smile:

you should be able to look for the running process with nsclient.


i appreciate the comment luca. I got everything working exactly as I want it to now. the new half-life query system was hanging me up a bit in qstat but after I got it working I can now monitor my game servers (based off a box in a remote location) to make sure they don’t go down and also have them notifying via email and text messaging to my phone. Again thanks for all the help everyone and if there is anything I can help anyone else get going I will try to do so.