Nagios Plugins 1.4.10 released!



The Nagios Plugin Development Team is pleased to announce the latest  
release of the Nagios Plugins.

Matthias Elbe, Thomas Guyot-Sionnest and Holger Weiss have been
working their socks off with loads of bug fixes and feature
enhancements in this release.

The major changes in this release include:

Fix check_http buffer overflow vulnerability when following HTTP redirects
check_http now explicitly asks HTTP/1.1 servers to close the connection after completion of the response
check_ldaps’ guessing which secure method to use (starttls vs. ssl on connect) is now deprecated. See --help for further information
check_disk now calls stat() on all filesystems to check. (Old: only the ones selected using -p)
A meaningful error message (eg “Stale NFS Handle”) is printed if stat fails.
New check_disk option -L: Only check local filesystems, but call stat() on remote ones, too.
Thus accessibility of remote filesystems can be checked without any threshold comparison.
check_disk --help now prints some examples for the new features introduced in 1.4.8
New check_disk -i/-I option to ignore pathes/partitions based on regular expressions
New check_disk -A option to select all filesystems explicitly
WARNING: check_disk’s -E option must now be passed before -p or -r/-R arguments. Passing -E after -p or -r results in UNKNOWN state, now. This is needed due to the new ignore feature
Fix check_disk bug when mixing case sensitive and case insensitive regex arguments
New check_dhcp -u/–unicast option for emulating a DHCP relay in order to check DHCP servers on remote networks
New check_dhcp -m/–mac option which allows for specifying the MAC address to use in the DHCP request
The check_dhcp -r and -s options now accept host names, too
Fix possible check_icmp bus errors on some (non-x86/AMD64) platforms
Fix check_smtp’s handling of multiple-packet server responses
WARNING: Fix for negate which may break existing commands:
- stop evaluating command line options through shell twice
- enforce a full path for the command to run
The “negate” utility can now remap custom states
check_radius now supports radiusclient-ng
The (undocumented) positional parameter parsing which check_radius used instead of getopt(3) if 8 arguments were given is no longer available
check_by_ssh now supports multiline output
IPv6 support can now be disabled using ./configure --without-ipv6
Fix check_ntp now honor ntp flags

You can download this release at … p_id=29880. />
Thanks to all the contributors who have raised bug reports and patches.

T: +44 (0)870 787 9243
F: +44 (0)845 280 1725

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