Nagios Plugins 1.4.11 released



The Nagios Plugin Team are pleased to announce the release of Nagios Plugins 1.4.11. This is a bug fix release with several fixes by Holger Weiss and Matthias Eble. There are also two new plugins, check_ntp_peer and check_ntp_time, written by Thomas Guyot-Sionnest, which separate out two conflicting purposes for check_ntp.
Also, this is a reminder that the Nagios::Plugin perl module is now distributed with this tarball. You have to run ./configure --enable-perl-modules to include the perl module (and its dependencies).
Thanks to all contributors to this project.

Changes since 1.4.10:

Fixed check_http regression in 1.4.10 where following redirects to relative URLs on virtual hosts failed if both “-H” and “-I” were used
Merged two new checks that deprecates check_ntp: check_ntp_peer and check_ntp_time. You should read the --help output so see which one is suitable for you. check_ntp_peer implement stratum thresholds support (feature request #1703823).
check_ntp now returns UNKNOWN instead of WARNING if jitter is
unavailable (jitter=-1.000000)
as long as the thresholds range include -1. If no offset
threshold is specified
and the offset is unavailable, will return UNKNOWN as well.
Fixed broken usage2 in check_snmp and check_cluster
check_cluster now accepts all valid characters in its
thresholds ("-", “@”, “~”)
Fixed check_disk reporting OK if disk usage grows over 100%
(bug #1348746).
Fixed check_load argument handling when not passing triplets
(bug #1831890)
Fixed buffer overflow in check_snmp (CVE-2007-5623)
Tinderbox builds now runs tests in a verbose mode
Updated Nagios::Plugin to 0.22
VPATH problem fixed for compiling plugins-root

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