Nagios Plugins: 1.4.13 released!


Nagios monitors hosts and services on your network. Actual host and service checks are performed by separate plugins which return the host or service status to Nagios. This site is devoted to making the plugins as useful and reliable as possible.

The latest version of Nagios Plugins is now released!

This release contains enhancements for check_procs and pst3 on Solaris systems (so it works correctly in Solaris 10 zones and also runs much faster). There were other minor updates and fixes from Thomas Guyot-Sionnest, Holger Weiss and Matthias Eble.

Thanks to all contributors to the project.

The main changes to this release are:

Fix Debian bug #460097: check_http --max-age broken (Hilko Bengen)
Optimised pst3 for systems with large number of processes (Duncan Ferguson)
Updated Nagios::Plugin to 0.27
Fix Debian bug #479013: check_dig’s -l is mandatory now ( #1986306)
check_dig now returns CRITICAL instead of WARNING when no answer section is found
check_procs now captures stderr in external command and adds to plugin output
check_snmp now only prints perfdata for non numeric values (#1867716)
check_icmp now supports packet size modification
check_http -e now accepts a comma-delimited list of expected status codes (Sven Nierlein)
libtap now included with this distribution for easier testing. Run ./configure with --enable-libtap
check_ntp_peer/check_ntp_time used to show port in --help but ignored the argument - now implemented
Fix possible segfault in check_ntp_peer with deliberately invalid packets

You can download the release at … p_id=29880