Nagios problem (nrpe) help me!


Hi all, i have a problem with the plugin nrpe installed in a UNIXWARE machine. I have installed Nagios Version 2.0b1, and nagiosplug 1.4 release version. I have compiled the pluggins in the unixware machine and it´s all OK, when I execute the check_disk in local mode it´s OK .

unixware001:/opt/nagios/libexec# ./check_disk_uw /dev/root

DISK OK - free space: / 571 MB (44%);| /=713MB;1284;1284;0;1284

But when the pluggin is called from the nagios server (red-hat 9 ) with the pluggin nrpe this is the message:

linuxtrf:/opt/nagios/libexec# ./check_nrpe -H -c check_disk

CHECK_NRPE: Received 0 bytes. Are we allowed to connect to the host?

I have configured the services and tcpwrappers for guarantee the access from nagios-server to unixware-client

The check_disk_uw was compiled in unixware machine and it don´t works in the linux machine. How i could do it work?

Any idea?

excuse me my bad english



If what you are saying is “the command works on the nagios machine, but it doesn’t on the remote machine, since I compiled it on the nagios box”, then that is what is wrong.
So, compile the command and nrpe on the machine it is going to be used on.