Nagios problem

hi im recently try to install nagios and i have lot of troubles T_T

first of all i have a debian sarge and i use
"apt-get install nagios-common"

to install it

when i finish to install it and check some things
i try web page, i was succed with them (i configure the user correctly)

well when i try to see any option of the “web nagios” just sayme this error:"Whoops!
Error: Could not read host and service status information!

The most common cause of this error message (especially for new users), is the fact that Nagios is not actually running. If Nagios is indeed not running, this is a normal error message. It simply indicates that the CGIs could not obtain the current status of hosts and services that are being monitored. If you’ve just installed things, make sure you read the documentation on starting Nagios. "

and more things

well i check the nagios.log and see this error:

“[1131031890] Error: Could not re-connect to database server on host ‘’ for status data. I’ll keep trying every 60 seconds…”

and some other errors
i try to configure mysql database, but i cant T_T
some help

nagios 1.3
pluggins version dunno
thx for any help

Your first problem is that you didn’t install from source, so you have absolutely no clue as to what is being installed and what you have to edit in vi editor to setup your nagios monitor application.
These config files are not going to be created for you, so I’d suggest to ditch the rpm and install from source. The docs are a step by step instruction for source, and are very complete.

But, your error is due to the nagios rpm was compiled to use a mysql db to store information, and you don’t have one setup.

mmmm…ok i will install it with source
after that i will tell you how it was