Nagios refuse to believe my snmp answer


hello all
good to b here

i have a problam with nagios and snmp
i dont understand why i keep getting :

here is what i have done
i add to commands.cfg this commad (from shell its working and i am getting the right result)

#check disk via snmp v1 or 2 define command { command_name check_disk_snmpv1 command_line $USER1$/check_snmp -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C $USER7$ -o $ARG1$ -c $ARG2$ }
i also add to services.cfg block of the service: (here it is in short, i can post the all thing if needed)

define service { host_name server_number1,server_number2 service_description CHECK_DISKS check_command check_disk_snmpv1!dskPercent.1!:90 ... ... }
needless to say that my resource.cfg file have al the paramter mention above (i checked it 1 zilion time)
i just dont understand why from shell i can get a response
and an entry in server_number1 (or 2) snmpd.log

but in nagios nothing. its like its not sending anyhting to the servers! (other services it runs have no problams as long as its not snmp)
its not fw issue as well cuz i get response if i write the command in shell
any ideas?
hope u guys can understand my english