Nagios Scaling


I am considering Nagios as a monitoring tool and was wondering where I can find some scaling and performance information? I’m mainly interested in how many hosts and service one nagios server can handle and what kind of strain nagios traffic puts on the network. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I am using Nagios 3.02.


We’ve got ~200 hosts and 4000 service checks incoming (half are minute intervals, half are 5 minute intervals) and being processed from 7 distributed boxes, and the network traffic is around a steady 34kbytes/sec incoming with a load of around 0.23 on a dual core 3ghz with 4 gigs of ram.

i’ve heard of people running nagios 2.9 with 3000 hosts and 8000 service checks. that type of setup needs a nice config/check setup but works

other than those values, maybe someone else can queue in on their setup.


We’ve got another way of scaling nagios:
counting the server I’m installing, we will have 12 nagios installed on different servers (not counting the 5 integration servers)

each server does different kind of tests (ie: one is for network monitoring, another one is for system, another for applications…).
note: separating the supervision in this way greatly helped us

hope this helps :slight_smile: