Nagios Snmp Check in a window NTFS Mount Point


Hi To all

I am using a Nagios 2.5 in a Debian box and I am monitoring windows volumes letters just fine using check_snmp_disk plugin.

But due incresing of volumes I Had decide to use Names in other to mount NTFS Volumes.

Well, I only had receving the output “DISKS” from the plugin

Anybody can help me in this ?



Let me clarify a little

My letter is G: and on this a had created severals Mounted Points like Adm , Marketing , Informatica

In my previous test I had using this line of command

check_snmp_disk -H -C -s 1 -m d -w 85 -c 90 -f g:\Adm
The results would like the amount of free space of this volume but all I have receing is the word “DISKS”