Nagios versus BigBrother


Hi all,

I am a BB user for long time, but due to licencing problems i have to look to another monitoring product. Can someone enlighten me on the main difference between BB en Nagios? Can Nagios e.g. monitor Window clients easily? Are there plugins for windows clients (XP, 2000, 2003 etc)? I would like to use Nagios in a big mixed environment so it’s important that different OS’es are supported. Is this the case with Nagios?

Furthermore is it allowed to use Nagios in a commercial organisation without any costs?

Thanks for your replies!

Grz. Johan


you can use it anywhere. as long as you don’t sell nagios itself… it’s a standard GNU license if i’m not mistaken.

As for windows clients you can monitor everything you can see in the performance monitor with a plugin service or you can use some SNMP service.

Other OS’s? depends what you want to check… but with SNMP you can go almost anywhere :slight_smile:



Sounds good. Can you give me the name of the plugin for windows? Is it in the plugin package in the download section?

#4 for some windows and other plugins and stuff.

Most bb plugins can be used in nagios.

When I setup bb, I found it inferior to nagios, since it didn’t have a “parent” directive for hosts. That means, the hosts where just that, a bunch of hosts in a list. But I don’t want a list of hosts, I want a map that shows hostA connects to Hostb(switch port) which connects to hostC(switch) which connects to hostd(another switches port) etc. With nagios, I have a status map that looks exactly like the network and how it all physically connects together, including the eth0 on a pc.


I’m using nsClient for monitoring the perfromrance monitor objects in windows servers… there could be better ones. :slight_smile: