Nagios with forms


This is a tricky one I am wanting Nagios to alert me when an online form contains the string “Error”.
This part is not really hard. The hard bit is that this needs to be reset every day but the form holds upto 10 entries regardless of the date.

The best way I can think of doing this is to have two custom variables one which will work as a counter counting how many instances of the string “Error” accurs and one which says how many instanaces of the string was visable yesterday. In doing this I could compare these to find out if there are any new instances.

My question is can this actually be done with nagios? if so any advice would help.



You should be able to parse the output of the webpage with a shell script and save the data to a DB or something…
pay attention that having the smae amount of errors of the previous doesn’t mean anything without a fuirther check, you could have no new error, or you could have a new error and one of the previous errors just dropped out of the page…