Nagios xi?


Is there anyway to install nagios xi without using a image? I would like to install it directly to ubuntu without the need of virtual. I have installed nagios core directly to ubuntu and it works great but Not everyone in the office including me is 100% linux savvy and we all need the nice neat interface of xi.


I imagine the nagiox xi price includes assistance for installation.
I’d recommend you start from there.


The VM image is a Free Trial, it’s mainly intended to be played in a Windows desktop environment(not that you can’t deploy it on any machine you need for testing).

Don’t be discouraged by the product [1]Distribution Formats, [2]contact “Ethan” for more information.




Download the tar.gz file from the same download page.
The install scripts assume a fresh install of the OS or that you aren’t using cacti, mysql, or postgresql. The scripts overwrite a lot of the configs. Examine them before you run them.

I’m going to attempt to install on CentOS first, and then Ubuntu. I’m planning on posting the results and any fixes workarounds on my blog here :