Nagiosgraph 1.3.0


I installed and have Nagiosgraph 1.3 running on top of Nagios 3.0.6. It’s working,except I get both a “View Extended Service Notes” icon and a “View Graph” icon. Plus, the links are swapped so the graph icon takes me to the extended service notes page and the extended notes link takes me to the graphs. There are no extended notes, so it makes no sense for this icon to show up, plus why is it swapping the links?

Where is the code that generates this content? If I could find it, perhaps I could fix it myself. Even better, if someone has already dealt with this problem and can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.



I’m having the same issue with nagios 3.0.6 + nagiosgraph 1.3.1. Any idea why the icons seem to be linking wrong? Thanks!