Nagiosgraph- new services stats not adding to rrd


Recently I tried to update Nagiosgraph with my own scripts for monitoring statistics for check_nt services. So I firstly checked what the output is for each service and then using regexp created proper service definitions. Then I checked map file with perl -c map and It was OK. Everything seemed OK at first, but- despite my new services are shown in nagiosgraph menu - nothing is shown on graphs. What is more, I looked into nagiosgraph log and everything related to script and detecting proper data in stream seemed to work correctly again- data is detected and put in rrd directory in corresponding file.

Standard services work out-of-box and data is constantly gathered until now…

Any ideas what could happen? I will try to post logs soon…


are the RRDs being only created or updated too? are the RRDs created as you expected them?