Nagiosgraph : nothing to see!


hello, i just installed Nagiosgraph, and i see nothing. How can i see information ? how does nagiosgraph start ?



That’s kind of a vague question don’t you think?
So, I’ll give you a vague answer. Did you install it correctly?


yes i was guided by a tutorial… i have some files generated in RDD directory of nagiosgraph but how to run nagiosgraph ? how to see graph ?


I don’t use nagiosgraph, but my guess is, that you have to follow the README or INSTALL file, and perhaps there are some samples in the config files, already setup, but maybe just commented out.
You will eventually have to make links, in nagios pages to view them.
Something likke this perhaps.
In serviceextinfo.cfg
define serviceextinfo {
host_name INET
service_description Response time
notes_url xx.xx.xx.xx/nagiostat/nagiostat. … _name=INET
icon_image graph.gif
icon_image_alt View graphs