Nagiosql 3.0.6 Stops Running? Why?


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I’m running nagios 3.0.6 and for some reason out of the blue it just stops running any more active checks. Its running with NDO for use with third party apps etc. However i’m not sure that is the problem. At the same period of time i aslo can’t send any nagios commands to nagios as they are just not executed. (things like restart nagios process from the web GUI and stop start sending of notifications etc)

So the web GUI stays up and running but just shows that now recent active checks have occurred. I can’t really work out why this is… its bound to be something to do with the NDO no doubt but i can’t see why.

Any ideas anyone in the community already heard of similar issues?



first check the logs, disk space and all standard things which may go wrong.
if all fails try updating to the latest version…


Thanks for your reply… nothing in the logs and disk space is fine… i have posted else where and got what could be the answer… For future reference as i felt it’s not obvious to find out what this problem is related to and other people might find this post… then follow this link to this other forum… as it could be very helpful for some.
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Hope it helps.

PS- If anyone thinks it might not be the right answer as expressed in that other forum… please let me know.
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