NagiosQL: Do I have to restart Nagios after adding/modifying


Hi all!

After I’ve modified hosts/services/etc with NagiosQL, do I have to restart Nagios to make them become active?


never tried it… but if after adding something you don’t see the new service/host I’d say it needs a restart… as when you change the services by hand through vi…



So in general Nagios always needs a restart after configs have been updated?

Is there any way to tell Nagios (2.:evil:


if there is one i never found it… :smiley:
possibly a kill -HUP… but i haven’t tried…



That would work, but still ‘restart’ the Nagios process. From the Gentoo init-script:

reload() { checkconfig || return 1 ebegin "Reloading configuration" killall -HUP nagios &>/dev/null eend $? }