NagiosQL Nagios Binary found but not executable


Not sure if someone has ran into this problem or not, but I am trying to setup Nagios2.0 and NagiosQL 2005 up on my network at work. I had Nagios1.x running with no problems and upgraded mainly for the simplicity of NagiosQL so the other admins and enter new devices into Nagios.

Any way I’ve got Nagios2 running fine without errors. I followed the setup steps on NagiosQL’s site and everything works except the Nagios Binary is found but it is not executable. I get the error with the testQL.php script I found on the net and in NagiosQL itslef.

The Nagios binary is located under /usr/local/nagios/bin/. I have tried chmod 777 on the file and for user group used apache.apache, apache.nagios, nagios.nagios, and nagios.apache.

Nagios and NagiosQl are running on:
Fedora Core 4
Apache 2.0.54 running as user=apache and group=apache
PHP 5.0.4
MySql 4.1.16
Nagios2.0 running as user=nagios and group=nagios

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated…
If more info is needed let me know…



Firewall is off?


Yes the firewall is off. Everything is on 1 box also.



What user runs apache?


What user runs apache?

Apache is beign run by the user apache and group apache



Has anyone run into this error or know any fixes?