Nagiostat errors


My nagiostat gives error in the debug.log file:
!!ERROR: RRD-archive ‘/usr/local/nagios/var/befrs002-ping.rrd’ does not exist or is not writable by effective UID.

that am I doing wrong?
It’s a nagios 1.2 with mysql support on a suse 9.2 machine with rrdtool-1.0.49-2 rpm package installed.


depends form which user is configured to run nagiostat and to which user the file belongs… usually it’s nagios



it is the nagios users yes.
I did a chown nagios.nagios on the archive directory and a chmod 777 on that directory.


does the file exist?



nope but when i pass the command from the command line as nagios user it creates the file … ?
however even then gives the webinterface an error:


If the file exists you still have an error? different kind of error or the same?

Ther file should be created fllowing the Graph_Template if it doesn’t exist…



if i create the rrd file via the command line the rrd file is create the there is no graph_template


problems solved :frowning: stupid me