Nagiostats reseting values


When I run nagiostats after a restart or even rebooting the server, the highest value
in this example “4.272” never, ever changes. How can I reset this value to zero and
have it change to a more current value?

Active Service Latency: 0.000 / 4.272 / 0.561 sec


I wanted to know how to do this as well. It turns out that it get the number from the highest “check_latency” number found in the status.dat file. In my case, it was over 17,000. The reason being was that I have a service dependency and the “parent” service was down for ~10 days so all the “child” services dependent on the parent had not run in that amount of time. I manually scheduled a check of those child services and it brought the number down to a reasonable value. I would suggest grepping out the “4.272” number in your status.dat file and see what service it is associated with.