Nagvis installation problem on Ubuntu 9.04 server



I installed the Nagvis .deb package but did not see the user interface server/nagvis
I uninstalled the package and installed from the tar file. But it hasnt helped.

The apache2 error log is:-

[client] File does not exist: /var/www/nagvis


I have made some progress. When I visit the Nagvis home page at :- I get the following error.

I can access the page though.


looks like some config file isn’t set correctly. Did you create the required DB (or did the install package do it?)


The NDOUTILS is not installed properly . So I feel I have to work first on NDOutils.
The error I get is:-
[1256801382] Error: Could not safely copy module ‘/usr/local/nagios/bin/ndomod-3x.o’. The module will not be loaded: No such file or directory

Or are there any other suggestions?


where is nagios installed? checl you don’t have a non standard path as i suspect that could give problem to the nagvis installer. :slight_smile:

Sorry can’t help more as my servers are all broken and i haven’t replaced them yet. :frowning:


Nagios is installed in the standard path /usr/local/nagios.

** I have observed that the NDO database has the necessary tables but there are no records in the tables**. Can this be the problem?

I am also getting the following error in nagios.log file.


Here is my nagvis.ini file.













looks like some config file isn’t set correctly. Did you create the required DB


i think the tbales are empty by default. First i’d reconfigure everything not to use the root account in mysql but a limited account with access only on the ndo tables, but that’s not relevant to the problem at hand…

I don’t know what may have gone wrong, not having a server available i can only recommend you try to follow the installation (and mainly configuration instructions) again from scratch and see if you forgot one step or the other… :slight_smile: … OUtils.pdf


Thanks Luca for your reply.
I had installed Nagvis Ubuntu package using apt-get install . It didn’t work, hence I uninstalled it and later manually installed the package from a tar file. Both these versions are different. I hope that there is no issue because of this and both the versions files are not mixed up and creating the mess.

I had uninstalled the package with dpkg -r nagvis .

I dont have a clue how to go about it.


check the dpkg options there’s possibly a -p switch like in aptitude which is -purge and removes config files too… that may be an issue… :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestion. I had actually purged Nagvis with the dpkg -P command earlier. So I will again start from scratch and do the install once more as suggested by you…