Name Resolution checkboxes when opening a file in wireshark


I’m new to wireshark & i’m just wondering whether you guys know how to implement correctly the “MAC name resolution”, “Transport name resolution”, “Network name resolution” feature that appears in the window of when you click the File menu > Open… in wireshark.

I tried to tick and untick the checkboxes and tried to compare the difference as I tick and untick the check boxes of the above options when I open a saved pcap file. But it does not seem to have any difference because when I untick the check boxes the name resolutions are already resolved as I open the file. So why is it there when it does not affect anything about name resolution or is this a bug in the software?

I’m using windows 7 64 bit and wireshark 1.10.7.

Looking forward to your reply.

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Click on the Wireshark preferences window from Edit -> Preferences and untick those options and it will show a difference.