NAV 2006 Activity (from the NAV mailing list)

The following is shamelessly copied from the NAV-mailing list:


As mentioned by Vidar Faltinsen in January, UNINETT are planning a more ambitious approach to NAV this year. Last year’s activity was an all-time low for NAV, and we are hoping to rectify this in 2006.

While NTNU have previously been the driving force behind NAV development, their NAV focus has dropped considerably in 2005. This is where UNINETT picks up, and their first move has been to hire me to work full time on NAV and related projects. I left NTNU to officially begin my new position as a developer at UNINETT on March 1st.

First of all, my apologies to anyone who have posted to this list and received no replies these past couple of months. The reason being that I’ve been the only active NAV developer for many months now, and my
other activities at NTNU prevented me from giving much needed attention to NAV. Please be aware that many previously active NAV developers now work elsewhere; any recent postings you’ve seen from them on this list have been voluntary and on their own time (e.g. Magnus Nordseth, Kristian Eide - Much appreciate your efforts, guys!)

Anyhow, I’ll be taking a dive into some of the unanswered postings these next few days. While I cannot promise to solve everyone’s problems on my own, I hope I can make a worth while contribution.

As for UNINETT’s plans for NAV in the near future, I’ll be coming back to that later, when these plans are more concise (although I know I can tell you that one important task will be to improve NAV documentation!).

Morten Vold