NAV 3.0.1 released

NAV 3.0.1 is now available for download at SourceForge, see :(

Binary packages for SuSE/RedHat-based distros and Debian will be
available at a later time. The Debian package is maintained by Morten
Wrner Olsen. We would also like someone to maintain the unofficial RPM
package, do we have any volunteers?

Release notes
NAV 3.0.0 shipped with errors in the type information for
Cisco 3750 and 2970 based devices. These errors may prohibit
NAV from collecting CAM data from switches of these types.
To make sure the proper type information is present in the
database, please issue the following SQL command against the
manage database:

UPDATE type SET cs_at_vlan='t' WHERE typename IN
('catalyst37xxStack', 'catalyst297024TS');

Version 3.0.1
(released 28 April 2006)

Security fixes:

* The report interface failed to properly sanitize user input,
potentially allowing for SQL injections.


* Some modules import python profiling modules that aren't always
part of the standard distribution.

* pping would crash if there was no route to a host.

* SQL Errors in the server and trunked core switch ports reports.

* Some devices would never be taken off maintenance.

* The default web greeting still mentioned the word "beta"

* The SMTP service checker didn't properly extract version
information from all SMTP server banners.

* Registering mixed case device names as sysnames or DNS names would
result in dnsMismatch alerts.

* dnsMismatch alert text would use the DNS name as both the sysname
and DNS name values, confusing the receiver as to what the actual
problem was.

* getBoksMacs/mactrace would crash under specific, hard to reproduce

* There were potential syntax errors in the NAV perl API with newer
Perl versions.

* Some NAV processes would not gracefully close database connections
on exit.

* Several parts of the web interface would report InterfaceErrors if
a database connection was temporarily dropped by the database
server. Please report any further occurrences of these errors.

* Newer versions of Firefox would not properly render the table
graphics of the web interface.

* The machine tracker would not properly sanitize user input IP
addresses, leading to strange errors and backtraces in the web

* The Alert Engine would did not delete processed entries from the
alert queue, which caused the database table to grow indefinitely.

* Much of the Alert Engine's debug logs were unreadable because they
referred to many entities by their internal database IDs.

* The type information shipped with NAV incorrectly specified that
Cisco 3750 and 2970 based devices did not support the [email protected]
convention, thus disabling proper CAM table collection from these

* The HTML on the NAV login page would be sent as plain text under
newer versions of mod_python.