NAV anyone?

Hi all!

Has anyone here tried NAV in combination with/instead of Nagios?

Hm…nope, but looks like it might be worth checking out…it might take me a while to get it set up, though, 'cause I have no idea what a Wiki is.

Interesting, I like how easily you can visualize the network interface rates and see where you might be having bottlenecks. Looks like it might compliment Nagios quite well for some folks.


This Nav app, is a perfect example of why linux will NEVER be used by the mainstream population. After more than a couple dozen installs of OTHER stuff, following several install docs (not included with app) and 2 stinking days later, there is still something missing and it won’t make.

“[SimpleSnmp] Error 1”

Hah, don’t suppose anyone’s set up a NAV forum like the one we’ve got here, eh?

Anywhos, I might try to get it going some time, but bossman’s got me working on some more pressing projects right now, like Samba and the new file server I’m setting up. NAV will have to take a backseat. Fortunately, though, Nagios won’t.
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[quote=“SonOfThunder”]Hah, don’t suppose anyone’s set up a NAV forum like the one we’ve got here, eh?

Hmm, there’s an idea… 8)

I love this part;
"After installation, there is still a lot of configuration to do before you can
start using NAV.

TODO: Write up configuration procedures."

Oh yea? So if for some freak of nature you are capable of getting this sucker to compile and install, then we have to GUESS on how to configure it?

Anyway, anyone have an idea while my compile fails?
/usr/local/nav/nav-3.0.0/src/SimpleSnmp/build.xml:30: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

Hah, yeah, I arched my eyebrow after I first read that a few days ago. Then I thought that maybe, just maybe, there’d be some sort of example from which we could infer how to at least basically configure NAV (the equivalent of minimal.cfg, perhaps), after I unzipped the intall or perhaps after I compiled it…which, from the looks of jakkedup’s post, is not gonna be easy.

I am so close to getting this working I can taste it.
I’m finally triing to access the website and I get this:
"You don’t have permission to access / on this server."
I am presented the certificate and I accept it. Then I get the above. I thought that I was supposed to be given a login prompt after the certificate. Any ideas on how this authentication is supposed to take place?

Wow, you’re really putting forth the pioneering effort on this. Let me know if you get this up and running. I haven’t been able to get myself involved in NAV. I’ve presented the idea to the bossman, but my efforts are being redirected towards PDC.

Has anyone found a discussion forum for NAV? I’d really like to get some help.

I’ve been over the NAV install a dozen times, and I am still getting Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I’ve never used python or tomcat before, and I think that may be where it’s messed up.

AFAIK there is a mailing list only. If there’s need for a forum as well, I’d be happy to initiate one… 8)

I got to the site finally by giving read access to world on the /usr/local/nav directory.
I then was getting python errors. I ended up removing the folder /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/Cheetah/ and reinstalled Cheatah. It’s up now, but since we use no Cisco devices, it looks like this isn’t going to work for me. Unless of course, I hand feed it the configs.
Anway, I have no stinkin idea of what to do now, and the documention I have found says nothing about what is needed next.

Perhaps a NAV forum would be good. I have NAV up and running, but there are many problems and am not getting any answers. Posted a couple problems in mailing list, and no replies a week later, so what’s the point. This product has no internet support that I can see, so I don’t think it’s going to be very popular, and I’m not going to pursue this much longer without some dialog and assistance.

jakkedup (and others?), your wish is my command! 8)

A NAV-forum has been started on Have fun with it! :wink:

Jakkedup, feel free to advertise the forum on the NAV-mailing list… :smiley: