Ncsa ncre nsclient? help!

Im new to nagios and going through the documentation has left me confused. Im running Nagios 1.2 on a linux server.

I need to check the following on a windows 2003 server machine

  1. whether it can make a connection to a particular IP address (telnet x.x.x.x x:evil:
  2. Memory usage, CPU etc on the windows 2003 server machine.

What do i need to use - I know NSClient can take care of the 2nd requirement. Do i need NCSA as well?

Any sort of feedback will be greatly appreciated!



i use nsclient++ ( on my windows 2003 servers with check_nrpe plugin on my nagios box to monitor things like memory usage, cpu load etc…

I am sure it can also be used to do what u require with telnet.

you would only use NCSA if you are setting up distributed monitring, i.e where you have servers behind firewalls that report to a central server.

hope this helps.