ndo2db stops working


Fairly new to Nagios, am currently enthralled by it, and my boss is loving the visibility it provides to our users/staff.

I built up a new Nagios box with the following:

  • Ubuntu Server 8.04
  • MySQL: 5.0.51a
  • Nagios 3.0.3
  • NDOUtils 1.4b7
  • NagVis 1.3

I’m experiencing an issue with ndo2db where it periodically (not sure how frequent yet) disconnects from MySQL… It happened 2-3 weeks after I set it up, and got to a point where I couldn’t even stop the OS, because MySQL still thought it had ndo2db connections alive, even though ps -ef didn’t show a single process in memory anyway.

It seems to be similar to the problem described here (from Nov 2007): http://article.gmane.org/gmane.network.nagios.devel/4553 .
The symptom is that NagVis starts reporting that NDO wasn’t running. I’ve grabbed the latest files via CVS, but from the change log (below) it doesn’t look like it’ll help in this particular problem:

[blockquote]1.4b8 - ??/??/2008

NOTE: ** Requires Nagios 2.7 or higher, or Nagios 3.0b6

  • Added additional error messages during failed startup
  • Better MySQL library detection (Ton Voon, Herbert Straub, and Nagios Plugin Team)
  • Removed Postgres options to configure script, as it is not yet supported
  • Compiler flag fix for building on GNU/kFreeBSD systems (Hendrik Frenzel)

… nagios.log and /var/log/messages don’t seem to have much info about why, just who and when. I only discovered the debugging option in ndo2db.cfg after I blew the database away, so no hints there, but will have logging from now on though…

  1. Is this a common (enough) problem? or is something in my config worsening the problem? ie, is it a known bug, with plans to be fixed in the future?

  2. What’s the safest/easiest (temporary) fix for the problem? - for now, I’ve just killed the Nagios database in MySQL, and re-ran the DBO install. That gets my NagVis graphs back up and running, but I’m working if it will impact any RRDTool integration I have planned for my new Nagios system…!?

  3. Should ndo2db be affected by config reloads? (as in /etc/init.d/nagios reload) - I’ll probably be tweaking my nagios config files for another month or so yet - if I should be doing something special for ndo2db (or other addons) I need to know now! :slight_smile: