Ndoutils and availability calculation


Hello guys,

I’m trying to develop a Sharepoint web part to display the availability of some core network equipment.

Although I can see the statehistory for all hosts in the database, I don’t seem to get my head around an algorithm to calculate the availability.

Can someone offer their insight to this?
Does someone has a implementation of this in any programing language?

Can someone confirm me that groundwork or centreon do this? Or they do it by checking the RRD files?
I would like it to be based on the database instead of RRD files, because I don’t know how to access data in RDD and kinda in a short schedule

Thank you in advance


can’t you use the availability data nagios generates? using lynx you can dump the images/pages to a file…


I could do that, but I was asked to this in realtime… whenever someone accesses the page that contains the web part, it should get calculated.

Another problem is that my boss says that when the power goes off (power failure at the building level) we (as an it department) shouldn’t get blamed for not having our equipment online. So I have to take those periods off the calculation, and I can’t do it with nagios availability. Or can I?


instead of onthe fly you could have it two minutes late… wouldn’t be that bad i expect.
I think in regards to availability nagios says unknown about other servers in periods where the server is down…