Ndoutils seems loss data


Hi all ~
Information about my computer
OS:CentOS 5.4
AP:Nagios3.2.3 and Ndoutils-1.4b9 MySQL 5

I use the ndoutils-1.4b9/db/installdb (it’s script ) to make mysql database which is called "nagios"
Because I need the data , I enter these command below:

mysql > use nagios;
mysql > select * from nagios_servicechecks order by end_time desc limit 1;

it’ output

unfortunate , the field named command_line was empty!
I really need it!
So I look ndo2db.debug

That’s what I need data in the command_line !
Why it’s empty in the mysql ?
Is something wrong?
plz help me~ thank you


try executing the query from tha mysql command line or from phpmyadmin. does it throw any errors?


Hello luka~

I queried any data in the mysql environment were nothing wrong…and there were not anything error in mysqld.log and ndo2db.debug too.

should adjusted something?