Need Documentation on Setting up email for Nagios Notificati

I cannot find any idea on how to set up the email portion of the Nagios 2.0b6 install. I have notifications in queue, but I know for a fact I have not set up pop3 service or a smtp service, so I have no way out of my server. Thanks ahead of time. MIke

I can’t remember Nagios ever supplying documentation on this.

You are best to follow the instructions given with whatever sendmail program you want to use.

As long as the machine can send any time of external mail, Nagios will be able to sent notifications.

O.k., thanks, will try to figure out sendmail. Thanks for the quick answer.

try the mail and xmail commands from your command line.

On solaris i needed to just add that “x” before each mail command and all worked.

Possibly you don’t need to touch anything else…


Just a FYI, recently we converted our networks over to the corporate network. This changed our DNS server’s also. Unfortunately, nobody cares about linux or unix in these Microsoft worlds of Microsoft exchange, so nodody cares about our DNS still pointing to an non-existant mail server.
In other words, a fresh out of the box linux server with no configuration at all, just install sendmail, and the mail command would work. That is, of course, if your DNS server knows what to do with email. Ours no longer does, so I have to configure sendmail with an MX record and point it to a valid smtp capable server.

I’m telling you this, in case you have sendmail installed and the mail rpm, but still it’s not working.