Need help in snmp


Hello … I’m new in nagios and i have installed the nagios without any problems but, when i try to monitoring my switch, he ping it but give me an error (Return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing) in link status. I seartch on the web and they tell me that could be of the snmp that are not installed.

Help me because i don’t now if the problem is because of snmp or not.

Thank you


try installing the nagios plugins right from
extract the package and following instructions in the INSTALL file.


The Nagios SNMP plugin is only installed if your system has the NET-SNMP packages installed.
you can always check your libexec directory to see if the plugin check_snmp is present.
if not, check if you have installed NET-SNMP and reinstal the Nagios plugins.




I had the same issue.
In my case the problem was in bad permission settings.
Nagios user must be able to execute the plugin file.