Need Info on Ports required to open


We want to monitor some servers through nagios However both Nagios Server and Servers to be monitored are in different network.
Can anyone please tell me what all ports need to be open for monitoring servers through nagios?

Thanks in Advance…


It’s not the Nagios port but a SNMP port. … t_Protocol

so this line will tell you enough:

Typically, SNMP uses UDP ports 161 for the agent and 162 for the manager. The Manager may send Requests from any available ports (source port) to port 161 in the agent (destination port). The agent response will be given back to the source port. The Manager will receive traps on port 162. The agent may generate traps from any available port.


we want to monitor the servers in full monitoring(CPU , Memory , network) using nsclient++. What all ports required for that?


Check the NSC.ini file. Depending on which way you want the monitor to work, it’s either 5666, 5667 or 12489