Need Setup Help for specific project


I have been playing an online game called War Rock. This game is P2P it is overun with HACKERS or I should say wanna be hackers. I am hoping some1 could reccomend the proper filter or setup configuriation that will help me in isolating each persons ip address. I was able to do this pretty easy with commview but wireshark is providing me with way to much information to isolate who is who. On commview i was able to simply send a private message to the hacker and it would show the destination ip address it was going to. With wireshark the screen is just flooded with information. I can seem to isolate the information at all.

The purpose of this project is to secure the proof of their hacks and to be able to notify the game owners with substantial proof of who and when they were hacking.

In addition I have found that if confronted with information of their ip and loaction a lot of them will quit or leave the game.

Any1 have any suggestions as to how I can utilize wireshark in a p2p online game?