Need to add about 500 hosts to nagios


Hello, I’ve got about 500 hosts that I need to add into nagios, just basic routers that need keepalive checks. I’ve been using centreon and lilac and they are both very nice, I’ll be using one of them once I’ve got the hosts in place.

What i need is something that takes a csv file or something with the names, alias and IP addresses and then returns a .cfg file suitable for nagios and then I’ll do the group management and so forth later.

Has anyone seen anything like this?


Well I was thinking about writing a script but coding makes my head hurt and then I thought “what else makes my head hurt?” Why, microsoft office of course!

I found I can actually use mail merge in wordto do this

define host{
host_name DSL-
use ManagedDSLTemplate
alias DSL--
hostgroups managed_group

As long as all the hosts and groups are defined beforehand it seems ok, I’ll have to do it in a few batches, one for each group.

Oh and be sure to save it as plain text as well