Network traffic in case of Disitributed vs Non-Distributed e


I am planning to implement nagios in our environment, we have multiple sites…USA, Europe …etc ( approx 400 hosts & 1600 services)
In such env I am trying to understand, is there any difference in terms of network traffic / network performance in distributed architecture & Non-Disitrubted architecture (Monitoring from Central server over WAN) ?

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Go with a distributed setup. If you do all your checks from a central server, traffic will likely be doubled compared to if you have distributed sites doing the checks local to their area then sending info back. Not to mention you’ll have an easier time handling a distributed setup (no firewall/nat traversal needed).

We’ve got 4000 checks incoming in 5 minute and 1 minute intervals, and traffic on our central server is about a steady 34kBytes/second.

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Thanks MP.

But only my concern is how should we send information from 3 remote site to central server & have monitored everything under one web browser windows.