Network traffic monitoring plugin or bandwidth plugin for na


Hi Guys,

Presently we have different broadband users customers with different speeds like 512k,2m,5m,10m lines.I want to know is there any plugin for nagios to send the alerts when it reaches the bandwidth capacity 70% or 80 %.This plun in should have the option of choosing speed limits so that i can monitor different clients.

Can some one help me on this.


you can configure the warning and critical thresholds when you define a service. An snmp check on ht ein / out values of th einterface would give you a traffic emasurtement… problem is you should make differences between the last and the prvious check to see how much you are using…
Personally for bandwidth, latency measures and graphing i’m using cacti instead of nagios + nagiostat, easier to setup multiple hosts/interfaces for graphing… but the alerting isn’t as good as nagios… so you will need to have a look if it suits you and if you can get it to alert you correctly (There is a threshold alerting in cacti as a plugin, it’s not default)

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the whole point i am looking at nagios is the reason you have menctioned.I have alrready cacti is monitoring for my customers bandwidth the problem is with customer crossed 99% of their bandwidth but we don’t have any notifications.

I am really in need of how to monitor customer interface traffic on my cisco router and my cacti is working fine but the notifications is not that good any help would be appriciated


have you checked the threshold plugin for cacti? If you don’t need escalations and stuff like that provided by Nagios, it could be enough.

Ciao, Luca
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I just use check_snmp to query the proper oid as luca stated. Also, nagiostat is graphing the output.