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Hi all

I’m a bit n00b with nagios and I have new installation 2.0 b4. I’m trying to run it on FreeBSD 5.3. I was thinking to monitor network trafic but don’t seem to find any working plugin for that. Wha you use for that? And where could I find it?

thanks allready

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you COULD use nagiostat, but i would start with MRTG instead of Nagios if you only want to monitor network traffic…



I do have mrtg runing allso, but I really would really like to integrate traffic information into nagios. More one more check pluning that check traffic. I’ve tried nagiostat but not successfully. I have’nt got it up and running instead I’ve managed to graph with nagiosgraph.

I got with nagiostat to the point where it should have draw a picture but only thing I got was broken image icons.

Then I tried check_mrtg but it return Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

Well I try first with nagiostat… and ask for more help if needed.
Thanks Luca.


check if the creation of the rrd files is ok… and put debug level to 3 in the nagiostat file. then look at debug.log :slight_smile:
If you already have mrtg running you could add just a hostextinfo link to the right mrtg page…



Thanks Luca

That solved my problem. creation of rrd files did not work and now it does. One thing came out with check_mrtg plugin. For some reason it returns “Segmentation fault (core dumped)” command that I tried to use was “./check_mrtg -F /usr/local/share/mrtg/data/localhost_2.log -a AVG -v 2 -w 60 -c 90” Have any ideas why?



i don’t use that plugin… sorry. :slight_smile:
go by trial… add one parameter after the other and see what happens.

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I use nagiostat for everything from free space in Oracle tablespaces to network traffic.
I’ll just include a portion of my nagiostat.conf file, that might help you in case you decide to use it. I suggest that you do, since almost every service check you make, can be graphed and has helped me immensely in finding hidden problems that you really never see without a graph.
GraphTimeTemplate 5year -1hour:-0min:“Hourly graph” -24hours:-0min:“Daily graph” -7days:-0min:“Weekly graph” -1month:-0min:“Montly graph” -1year:-0min:“Yearly graph” -5year:-0min:"5 Year graph"
RRDCreateTemplate ifrate_5min --step 300 DS:in:GAUGE:600:U:U DS:out:GAUGE:600:U:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:396 RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:7:336 RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:24:480 RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:234:480

PlotTemplate ifrate --start $s --end $e DEF:in=$f:in:AVERAGE DEF:out=$f:out:AVERAGE AREA:in#00D000:“Inbound traffic (kbit/s)” LINE2:out#0000A0:“Outbound traffic (kbit/s)” GPRINT:in:MAX:“IN MAX\: %.4lg kbit/s” GPRINT:in:MIN:“IN MIN\: %.4lg kbit/s” GPRINT:in:AVERAGE:“IN average\: %.4lg kbit/s” GPRINT:out:MAX:“OUT MAX\: %.4lg kbit/s” GPRINT:out:MIN:“OUT MIN\: %.4lg kbit/s” GPRINT:out:AVERAGE:“OUT average\: %.4lg kbit/s”

ValueRegexTemplate ifrate_in_out “output:in:/\[IN\]=([0-9.]+) kbit/” “output:out:/\[OUT\]=([0-9.]+) kbit/”

InsertValue PP-NHR-1-3p8-ifrate.rrd ifrate_5min /PP-NHR-1-3p8/ /“if-traffic”/ ifrate_in_out