New Nagios installation


Gudday all
Have just installation Nagios with Fedora Core on a VM server. It seemed to install ok.
I am trying to discover/poll the router/switches on my network but not getting anywhere fast.

In the guides it notes that I need to modify the nagios.cfg file. The path in the guide says /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg

I can find /usr/local (I think) but i cannot find the nagios directory anywhere. Even the find command could not find it.
i am assuming that the path starts at the lowest level directory i.e. '/'
No doubt I have done something wrong. Has anyone any ideas please?


Seems like an installation problem. Did u follow the nagios quickstart installation guide for fedora users?


I downloaded the zip file put it onto a VMware server (on a windows machine). Unzipped it and ran the setup.exe. It started as Fedora. Initially I was using the interactive installation but after a while (and so many questions) I went tot he continue mode. I also asked it to install the Gnome DKE.
It appears to load ok, no error messages were seen.
Nagios started and I could use the Mozilla browser to get to the web page and log on. All the panels came up and it looked ok. Just can’t do anything past that.
Perhaps I should try again?


If you can log onto nagios then /usr/local/nagios should exist. What so you see when you click on any of the left-hand links?


Thank you for your reply.
I am not entirely certain what you mean by left hand links, though I assume you mean the firefox browser.
Attached are 2 screensots of the Nagios web browser. I hope this is what you mean. Sorry about the colour scheme. This VM machine does shocking screen colours at time.