New Releases: Nagios 2.9, Nagios 3.0a3, and NDOUtils 1.4b3



Several new releases were made today…

Nagios 2.9 was released to fix a couple of bugs present in the 2.8
version. Changelog follows:

2.9 - 04/10/3007
* Fix for incorrect performance data file write/append mode options
* Fix for current status of hosts with no host check command defined
* SIGSEGV signals should now be logged again (broken in 2.8) Hopefully things will
stabilize in the near future. NDOUtils 1.4b3 requires Nagios 2.7 or
greater of the 2.x branch or Nagios 3.0a3. Here are the changes since

1.4b3 - 04/10/2007
NOTE: ** Requires Nagios 2.7 or higher, or Nagios 3.0a3
- Added missing ‘alias’ field to hosts table
- Fixed problems with marking old, non-existant objects as inactive
- Fixed bug where host and service objects were not being marked active
- Fixed minor SQL errors
- Added DB upgrade and installation script (Ton Voon/Altinity)
- Updated to latest Nagios 3.x include files (3.0a3)

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer

Email: [email protected]