New to Nagios need help pleasee


Hi, so first of all let me tell you I’m COMPLETELY new to Nagios and Linux Ubuntu, and the Nano program that I’m using to edit it. For my summer intern job I was just assigned to add two routers/host to Nagios using Nano like I said. I have gotten as far as finding out how to open Nano and Nagios, get admin power and that’s about it. I don’t really expect a full rundown step by step of how to do this. But if anyone knows a good site or something like that where I wont have to read every Nano command and Nagios config would be nice. I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing but that’s my job for the next few days and my research is fail so far. Please someone reply…
Ryan N


Nano guides:

As for Nagios, I really advise you to read the documentation so you could know how it works. There are some quick tutorials, but those would confuse you, 'cause you don’t know how to move around Linux and Nagios.
Complete documentation:
Monitoring router: … uters.html

Object configurations: … 3bc1d61447
(don’t get confused with the specified vim command, it is just an editor just like nano is)

Every time you change the configuration it won’t be applied to Nagios. You have to reload Nagios with a command (as root):
/etc/init.d/nagios reload … Nagios.pdf


Yea that’s basically exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for all the links I should easily be able to get this done within the next few days now. Again thanks a lot.

Ryan N


Ok so I read all the shorter pages you linked so far. Well everything except for the official documentation from the respected companies. So if I wanted to edit the config files to add host all I really have to do is copy the previous host commands but with the new router info? I figure I can learn the rest of Nagios and Nano as I go on but for now, adding host seems exceptionally easy as this company has had this system set up for years now. But the real question I had was when I’m in the config file do I just start typing, or is there a command for new host/router? Another thing I read that I realised my bossman didnt do is the ‘-w’ when you open config files.
Example I think would be root@nagios1:/usr/local/nagios/etc/objects# (this part might not be perfect) -w nano switch.cfg OR -w nano windows.cfg
Is that -w that important to open the config files with, pretty sure bossman has no idea about it. And now my final question, kinda jumping around here, are there other certain checks I need to put somewhere else that ties in with the new host/routers I put in or should it all be there under the Define Host { … }?
Ryan N


Ok nvm about that last question, Define Service { duhhhh }. I went back to look at whats already there and even thats there. So its really just copy n pasting for me I’m pretty sure. Kinda was expecting it to be a little harder.