Newb-check_snmp problem


Trying to gather the status of links off of a Cisco 2821 Router.

define service{
use generic-service ; Inherit values from a template
host_name nb2821
service_description Port 1 Link Status
check_command check_snmp! -C communitystring -o ifOperStatus.1 -s “up(1)”

I see in the service check view

SNMP CRITICAL - *up(1)* 

Why does it keep coming back as critical? I thought by using the -s “up(1)” it would return OK if it got “up(1)” back… I must be missing something…


Have you tried to use it without -s switch at all?


Yes, if I do not have a switch, it returns “SNMP problem - No data received from host” I have tried with an -r switch as well, same results… Returns up(1) but for some reseaon Nagios thinks that is critical.


Try to use numeric OID like this:


Changing it to the numbered OID worked! Thanks for your help, appreciate it.