Newbie Question 1.3 or 2.0 to start?


I have installed Nagios 1.3 and had my issues but finally got it to the point where all i needed (i think) was to config my .cfg files. I failed misserably and then went back to the drawing board and failed again…

This leads me to this. Should i try to do the 2.0 version with one of the webinterfaces to config it? Im starting to get demising returns with my time on 1.3. Can i assume that 2.0 is easier? Im curious for comments as well as if someone knows a place where i can download the files for just the basic .cfg files just so i can try and learn the process.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance

PS…i find this forum really slow to load…is it just me…?

Cheers from Canada

2.0 is NOT easier. in fact it could be even more difficult :smiley:
some things aren’t documented corrrectly yet in 2.0

As for the Graphic interfaces they wouldn’t help you much on 2.0 too as most of them were written for 1.x, anyway if you don’t know how the config files work correctly you wouldn’t be much better of with a GUI… sometime you’d need to get into the config files created by the GUI… it could only get worse. :slight_smile:

the sample cfg files are installed when you “make install-config”


Fair enough. That was the direction i was leading. Thanks for the reply.

PS do you know of a site that has good newbie documentation about config files other than that of Nagios’s web site.



There are sample config files installed in etc/ that have info in them. That plus the docs explain each and every directive that can be defined in the .cfg files.
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