Newbie question - graphing


Hi, I’ve just installed Nagios on a SUSE SLES10 server and have got the basic stuff working ok, which is a miracle as I’m new to linux as well as Nagios! I’m used to SNMP monitoring using MRTG, HP Insight Manager, Netcrunch etc., and would like to get Nagios to create MRTG graphs that I can incorporate into custom webpages.

I’ve got MRTG working on the new server, and am happily getting the default Nagios performance graphs, however how do I get graphs of my polled/collected data (eg disk free space, CPU util). I don’t want to use MRTG to do its own polling, but want to use the data I’ve already collected via Nagios - is this possible?

Many thanks


there are a couple of “plugins” which permit to create graphs from the data nagios collected (some require to install NDOutils).

When the RRD file is available it should be easy to export the data to a different interface (using links on the file system).

Personally i use nagiosgraph to create RRD files, but it has some pitfalls to be aware during installation and configuration (search the forum for threads about that). There are others but i haven’t tried them…

Other solution for graphs: have a look at cacti. Easy to configure and install and lots of ready made plugins, could convince you to throw MRTG away and use only that one, sma eproblem you are facing, double interrogations to fetch data.


Thanks for that Luca. I’ll look into the NDOutils - seems to be the best option at the moment. I’m trying to keep the system as clean and simple as possible - I’m facing a steep learning curve :slight_smile:

Thanks again - much appreciated.