Okay so i am somewhat new to the linux world. I have ubuntu loaded on a machine at work and my boss wants me to have snmp set up. So i ran across nagios, i thought this was a awesome program! YES! finally something i can sink my teeth into. Only problem i can monitor evreything i want in the network but that does me no good without email notification. I did some research on google and was unable to find a way to set this up. If anything has any documentaion on step by step to go from a raw setup of nagios to one that will do email notification that was be awesome!
Thanks in advance.



this is a default, built in, base feature…i don’t know how you missed it. it’s part of nearly every definition. did you have a look at contacts.cfg , misccommands.cfg ? Look for “notify-by-email” in your nagios configs.

read the docs man! <<<<<<